My Son and Life to my quill

As usual I’ve had a block

Firstly it was work

Then it was routine

And that sucked me in

I said to myself “you need a catalyst”

What would that be, love, crime, politics?

And then, marriage came

As with most good occurrences, things hardly remain the-same

That took its toll; romance and frolicking were in the air

Then came responsibility, which comes with its wear and tear

Ups and downs, lows and highs

I figured that was the new life, but alas “sighs”

Life had more in stock for me

The baby was born, and i was filled with glee

He came to be, but not without incidence

His mom, my wife was in dire straits, in spite of my presence

Even i lost my assuredness,

Vital signs were spiralling beyond the boundaries of calmness.

Thank goodness, the surgery came through

Thank God he showed himself true

The boy came out screaming and all pink

His was even fairer than his mum’s skin

What a kid, gentle as the cool morning breeze

Suckling ever so gently and looking at peace

What a feeling, what joy the lad brought with him

His first smile stuck in my mind like pictures on photo film

He’ll grow to be better than his papa

So now, papa must make that a tough mount to clamber

Papa must ensure that he fulfils his own goals and dreams

So his son can uninhibitedly build his

A good example for my son and children yet unborn

Inspiration for them while I’m here and when I’m gone

This is how I unlocked this block

The downfall of many a writer and his work

I drew on last year, the ups, the downs, the highs and lows.

My baby even as he grows.


About slickjay

a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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