Don’t you sometimes ponder?
About how things have gone asunder
Why things happen and we wonder..
Why were we born, Only to return yonder..
Is there a point to the cycle of living only to embrace death?
Watching a baby take its first breath..
Then gradually watch it increase in height and girth,
Fight numerous disease, obstacles, rise to the peak with his youth and strength
Enjoy meals, sing a song, learn a trade, and learn to flirt
How time flies for the poor and the ones with wealth…
A once toothy smile becomes dimpled and drawn
The once broad shoulders now have a slouch like some gown
The bright sharp eyes have become hazy like the mist at dawn
His once virile and kingly manhood, has now become a docile pawn
Wars fought in the distant past, become images in the history books…
Leaving readers wondering, “They won the war, why does he have that look?”
Countries built on other countries, rivers become brooks
History is on repeat, reincarnated characters, heroes and crooks…
Business men play their goods , politicians play the people,
From the beginning of time people have been this simple,
Betrayals have existed and loyalties are fickle
Since the time of Caesar and Brutus-the old roman couple
Brave warriors have come and they have left
They fought like maniacs and died like the rest
Innocents have been convicted, villains have been absolved of theft
Nothing is new, it doesn’t matter that Jesus wept
No wonder we’re all enthralled by the afterlife..
Seeking for some meaning beyond this life
A place perhaps where there’s no needless strife
Where perhaps skin color, language, religion or sex would be merely words and different styles
Where perhaps 20 virgins would do and who’d need a wife?
Others just look forward to a place where the roads are paved in gold
Where the inhabitants dress in flowing robes and cloak.
Perhaps then, it would make some sense
So they keep burning incense,
Saying prayers, performing rites, each hoping their gods would teach others some sense
They scream into the crowd, “Don’t sit on the fence”
Let’s be allies, together we shall rejoice and dance
And our own god, will bless us for taking the chance..
I’m reminded of a passage that says, “For thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created “
We are but mere characters in a series of happenstances , fulfilling lives of vanity, with a thirst for knowledge, a hunger for more, that may never be satiated..
Vanity upon vanity!


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a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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