Every situation bad or good
May shield enormous blessings beneath a hood
So take heart and eat good food
Forget all the times people were rude
And remember all the while there God stood

Work hard or work smart
Pick a side, play your part
Everyone does some work, that’s a fact
A crook, a prince even a tart
One thing everyone hates though, is a snitch- a rat

Man proposes,the gods decide
The Olympus perhaps is where they reside
Looking upon men through the earth-heavens divide
They laugh at our foolery, on our issues they preside
When they will ,they intervene or just stand aside

There’s much to do, one life to do them
Ambition and zeal fixed like a totem
One has to come up with stratagem
So as not to lose sight of the grand prize, the priceless gem
Great riches,great influence, a good family and the peace of zen

There’s so much to be inspired by
The seaside, the gentle breeze, the big trees and the blue sky
Natural disasters, wars, and famous bad guys
So we write, we sing, surf and swim, and learn to fly
Because there’s just one life, we might as well try

it’s been a while I wrote a piece
i’ve been in a mix, like a drunk high on gin and juice
Drawn by the allure of the Golden Fleece
Reminded of my gift by the threat to world peace
Numerous wars, arm dealers feast
Stubborn leaders, rebellious rebels ,everyone’s taking a piss
Perhaps the right stimuli to the creative minds hitherto asleep

Iraq this, Libya that, Egypt arises ,Syria is imploding
Mugabe wants to rule forever,and his people are groaning
Mandela a hero, a martyr, sick perhaps dying
The North Korean president threatens nuclear sporting
The US has been delibrating ,
Nigeria is politicking
Terrorism and wars are so in the offing
Perhaps truly the story of the world is coming to its ending

Capitalism is taking over
Everything is really all about profit and getting the better of the other
The government, the shops, church are part of the suckers..
Higher taxes, higher prices of goods, and more tithes in no particular order
Everyone just wants to fill their coffers
There’s no succor, life is at a cost, you either pay or take cover


About slickjay

a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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