many times i wa…

many times i wanna say things..

then  mid way i stop..

its like within me i’m tied in chains..

Eternally, we’re on a bus..

we think we know our stops..

but the driver keeps going, shouting, this is lagos

one chance.

from my very within..

i just wanna burst loose..

suddenly scream and break free..

i remember the light house song..

wishing he knew how ,it would feel to be free..

does this ever happen/ or we just learn to go along..


we go with the flow

act like we’re in control ..

and when push comes to shove, we bow

acting courteous and cautious, like a prisoner out on parole..

why does it feel like there could be more..

so here I am plate in hand , like Oliver Twist asking for more- shout out to dickens for his lore





About slickjay

a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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2 Responses to many times i wa…

  1. I love the images in your writing. Very visusl and gripping.

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