Love is bondage …

On its wake it leaves so much carnage
Yeah heart ache
At some point you can’t fake
You give give and forget to take
Pushed and pulled back and forth, like a yo-yo or a kid’s toy car
Yet one is drawn, like butterflies to nectar
Both of you’d rather be near than far
She’s only got eyes for you and you her
I can’t do without it
Yet I can’t stand its heat
At the thought of my beloved, my heart  jiggles, as if in a fit
And when she comes around, my mood gets a lift
Here she comes,
Hips swerving from side to side , making heads turn
Her delicate feet in stilettos ,each step leaving its invisible mark on the tiled floor
Then I look up, and its her smile, even her eyes are bright and her kiss makes my belly churn
Next thing I know she’s in my arms
Then her lips are on mine her butts in my palms
Whispering sweet nothings feeling the warmth of her bust- geez I feel like singing psalms
I keep breaking up, and coming back
I can’t stay out love any more than I can stay out of the sack
I’m a love junkie, an addict, stuck on it Like Daniels to Jack
I wanna be love stoned all the time, perhaps O.D on it, go to heaven and of course come back.
I don’t want just grown up boring love
When they look like business partners with a resolve
I want the butterflies, I want the lust, to be love struck ..
I know I said love was bondage
Falling takes courage
If it ends there maybe nothing left to salvage
Yet, to love, we still must pay homage.

About slickjay

a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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One Response to LOVE HOMAGE

  1. Uche says:

    Good, but could be better

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