Rainy peace

It’s raining. Oh how I love the rain.,

I wish I could be outside, with my pen and jotter
Rain drops patter on the the rooftops, the thunder scaring the kids and the faint hearted
All the birds and usually noisy creatures keep silent in awe
The lightning, brightening the skies, in a crooked line preceding the loud thunder,
 Oh what art, what’s not to be inspired by..
There’s so much beauty..
There’s the accompanying cool breeze, nothing  a cup of hot tea wouldn’t fix,
 please don’t stop, I say to the rain in my mind
Keep falling, the heat has been scorching, you however, have been a panacea.
My tumultuous mind is calmed, turmoil replaced with serenity
I feel like the rain is natures way of washing me clean.
Yet again, rains could destroy!
Homes have been swept away, towns have sunk , vehicles have somersaulted , loved ones lost, all in a futile effort to withstand the rain in all its might
How could a phenomenon so calming, be also so destructive?
It’s the paradox called life, exemplified in the dual nature of rain.
Perhaps just an extension of already understood phenomena, salt makes food tasty, yet excess renders food inedible, religion helps us to understand and deal with things, excessive practice and ” belief” could lead to fanaticism and possible terrorism
Now the rain has stopped, as usual I’m inspired, and it has taught me a moral..

About slickjay

a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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