Lover’s Spat

I hate you ! she screamed
How could you, I trusted you..
Why would you cheat on me,is she better than me? she asked
I figured it was a rhetoric, so I kept mute
My facial expression was bland, wondering what she knew,reflecting on what she’d said..
You’re evil, you act so calm and innocent, but I know you’re not
You’re not worth my time,I should have known! She fumed
Her face even now, was pretty as ever,her tears filled me with guilt..
I then reached for her,”baby” I started
Don’t you call me that, don’t you dare touch me, randy dog,its not your fault..
In spite of her anger, you could still tell she was thoroughbred..
I wanted to kiss her, hold her, tell her I loved her, tell her that it was nothing, just a fling, it was a while back, I was high on booze, lonely, we were quarreling, and the babe was loose..
But I couldn’t say a word, I was tongue tied, filled with guilt, my face expressionless, masked..
I don’t ever want to see you again she continued, you’ve lost my trust
What’s the point of us? The slut had the guts to tell me she was the one you really loved
That you bought her stuff, that you guys made out all the time, that you told her u she was your muse !
I can’t believe I let her finish her speech, but I did,and I’m glad..
But this was too much, this was going too far, I love her, but I’m no wimp,I had to do do some damage control,for me, for all the cheating men out there..
So I told her, baby, you’ve got to listen to me,I’ve got everything to lose..
You’re my world, my love, my heart, the reason I’m sane, you’re why I wanna be married, don’t be sad, don’t talk of leaving, I’d be dead..
I’m not going to say its a lie, I’m a fool, I know. Don’t be cruel
I know I hurt you, you must know, nothing compares to what we share,don’t listen to those fools..
Fools who don’t know what we’ve been through, who have got no clue
You’re the ying to my yang, the lace to my shoes,I can’t bear the thought of losing you, mother of my yet unborn kids, that you’re thinking this makes me scared..
She had been quiet, listening to my tirade,suddenly she’s in my arms sobbing,kissing me, pressing my head to her generous bosom,”I love you so much” she whispers, her eyes closed..
Then she asks, baby, did you do it? Tell me the truth..
I look her straight in the eye, and tell her, my voice quivering, “never listen to anyone trying to spoil what we share” I’ll never put you through this again, I said..
Don’t dwell on myth, think of what we’ve built..
She kisses me full on the lips, again I’ve escaped the guillotine , I sigh inwardly to myself, why do I put myself through this sh*t, damn, was I scared..
I promise myself not for the first or second time, I’ll never cheat on my lady again..this time I’ll try harder, this shall be my creed, my rule..
or not….

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