It’s the freaking weekend

It's the freaking weekend

Friday evening was rough… I hung out with a very pretty lady and we talked about love.. Then we left and hung out at some new club.. I’m a shy guy but I love a little noise.. Crazy dancing, no inhibitions, the booze and all the funk.. So we danced and then came the big hug.. And I’m wondering, is it the booze or its just part of the fun.. Tonight definitely is all about fun! Or so I thought….. In other news, my close pal had called.. He wanted us to hang out at some new strip joint.. He isn’t the wild type, so I figured he was bored.. He had attempted to call me 3times, and stopped on the 4th.. By the time I saw it, I was a little drunk.. Fortunately my lady was’nt any better, she was so far gone.. We left for my crib in the wee hours of the morning, long before dawn . I woke up with a thumping headache,to hear my phone buzz.. It was my friend again, he’d been pulled over by the cops.. He’s car was badly damaged, and its windscreen was gone.. He and a few guys were in a ghastly accident, probably because they’d gotten drunk. The headlamps were also gone, the fender and chassis were squeezed,even the radiator got burst.. Miraculously no one was hurt.. Soon after the phone call I went down to the spot..
They had climbed over some great big heap of rocks.. And the car had done more than a few somersaults. Now the police wanted a tip, for what, I’m not exactly sure. We ended up paying them five grand, but under my breath I muttered a curse.. We dropped the other guys off, as they still looked stunned … So I’ve told my friend lets not be down, move the car to mumunis-that’s my panel beater’s shop. He’s extremely good at what he does.. We got a towing van to move the car, and led it to the car body-shop. After we left mumunis , I took my friend to my house, we fed on wine and lamb chops .. And we reflected on how things might have gone.. Each of us vowing to go easy on the exuberance, after all, we’re old enough to have Our own sons .. So the weekend started on a here’s a low. We’re both sober, and we’d have thankful heart at church tomorrow.. Cheers to this friggin weekend!!!


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3 Responses to It’s the freaking weekend

  1. Sade says:

    ……. hmmmmm*sigh*!

  2. Falar says:

    Life can be dat funny.
    High @ one time and within a blink,low again.
    Moral lesson!

  3. jude says:

    I’d say YOLO to this but that would only get you killed……by the way the moral of the lesson is don’t drink and drive or drink when you are sad and frustrated, only drink and hang out when you have responsible friends to take care of your behind okay.

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