Certain talk when i was little used to make me shudder..
That my dad would bring another wife, and i’d have a step mother..
he’s a christian and that entiitled me to one father, and one mother.
Yet in my childish mind, it was still something that made me wonder..
now i’m all grown, its still something i ponder..
i see things a bit much clearer
it must be tradition or maybe its just cultural..
perhaps its greed, covetuousness, or just whimsical..
Certain religions permit it, those are are easy and logical
Many conventional non polygamous homes, are not exactly happier..
pent-up emotions, frustration, and the monotony of the familiar..
the men get bored, then go extra-marital..
now the women do as well, only they’re more theatrical..
its funny how relationships when they start seem all fairytale and magical..
During the marriage , when life’s storms come, and they have poor nauticals..
tempers flare, relationships strain, and the only bonds left are the children,property,names -all physical
Then theres the problem of barrenness- thats another matter..that reminds me of a story, now i’m a raconteur- a storyteller..
Chief jacobs was a man of means..he had all a man would want. he knew people, and how to make a good deal..
he was wealthy, and he spent accordingly,he liked to live well and use good things
He was made a chief in his mid thirties, by the king of oniru, who knew he was rich..
Rachel was a career lady, working with an IT firm,she loved her job, and never called in sick..
She met jacob, 9years ago, while on her first annual leave…
The rapport was slow, but sure, as jacob was ambitious and filled with wit..
They got along well, and in no time he proposed, and gave her a ring..
the wedding was mostly nice, with lots to eat and drink..
Things got better, Jacob got a sweet break, like i said, he knew how to make a deal.
And ofcourse, he’s wife kept working, she didnt want to be his leech..
Soon came the expensive cars, the glamour and the glitz..
Years rolled by, they were happy, but no kids..
Chief jacob, was a very goodlooking man, he was also neat..
women like comfort, and money, who cared about his looks , or wether he was fit..
in no time Chief jacob had a mistress, who bore him 2girls, they were twins..
his mistress- whose name was titi, promised to bear him a boy next, to make it complete..
Chief jacobs was so happy, his wife was in the dark..and as they say “ignorance is bliss”
2years later, titi bore the chief a boy, he married her for achieving such a admirable feat..
the marriage was a private ceremony, and he called his lawyer , immediately, adjusting his will..
soon after, his wife bore him a son, and chief jacob was pleased..
he was the man, afterall, now he had 4 kids..
So life went on, no hiccups, just ease..
the kids grew, their mothers did, and so did the chief..
Then one day 15years later, a deal went bad, and the chief was killed..
he was shot pointblank, with a .38 special, his fate was definitely sealed..
no surgeon, no healer could do anything for him now, as so much blood had spilled..
he had a gaping wound on his head, and blood and brain where his eye used to be..
A co-bidder for a contract, decided to outlive him, rather than allow him win the bid..
such is the extent of man’s evil, man’s greed..
And so the chief’s will was read, and the bulk of his property went to his first son, and then the rest of his kids..
their mothers got something, more than a bit..
Yet the look of shock on his first wife’s face, was definitely not bliss..
she went numb, as she stared on in disbelief..
she only just noticed another lady being ushered in with teenage kids..

She did not have a clue, not a hint..
since i knew the couple, and i know their story, i find it had to blame him..
Because.. i happen to know that the son rachel bore for chief Jacob, wasnt for him..
She had an affair with a colleague at work, and after just 3months of sinful copulation, she had taken-in..
she immediately called off the relationship, and said nothing to her fling..
She simply did what any wise woman would, or not..she told chief jacob, the baby was his..
Giving god all glory, chief jacob the baby, and thinking all her problems had ceased..
I laugh, when i remember this..but like i said, i used to wonder with my childish mind..now i ponder, to sharpen my wit,to understand the way of things .


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7 Responses to POLYGAMY

  1. Obinna Obika says:

    I find this story very interesting and captivating because its the hard truth that is hardly told…lol esp in a lyrical way like you did Jide.

  2. Daniel says:

    Nice piece. Joba aiye

  3. A fantastic piece,well arranged and well told. I consider it not a story, but reality which goes on as we speak.
    Wonderful brother of mine,more ink into ur pen

  4. jude says:

    Polygamy is an option I would never recommend for any one but in this case, nobody is a victim apart from the kids, the chief and his wives all had a silent but never communicated agreement.

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