this traffic

this bloody traffic..

i’ve been here for almost 4hours, sweating,panting, and itching to take a leak..

 Returning from ajegunle to see someone who is sick

i wasnt driving, i was being driven,yet my feet felt weak..

returning through oshodi wasnt my pick..

we had just a little fuel,i started to freak

<pif the fuel gave out, with this heat, things would go bleak

so i tried to stay positive as we dragged liked snails, hoping to be picked..

finally we’re at that road, opebi link


its almost Uhuru, i started to sing..

next thing i felt, was a thud, that pushed me almost off my seat..

some punk had us hit, with his driving that was less than sleek

<p i got down from the car, and before i could blink..

the guy came down cursing, rolling his sleeves..

i was taken aback, this dude must be a prick..

hitting my car, now he’s out here swinging his dick..

<pi'd teach him a thing or two, to myself i think..

so i opened the boot, and out came a metal stick..

 i’d leave a little dent in this dudes skull, it looked thick..

i’m usually civil, but thats until i’m pressed for a leak..


when i say leak  by the ways, i mean piss..

 and so i approached him, with my weapon, he came with his fists..

you know that saying about mans stupidity being infinite? well this was it..

 i flogged this dude, till he shat his pants, now i mean shit

i had to leave that zone , because everywhere was smelly, and i mustve broken his wrist..

 Besides i’m a doctor, cant be seen being violent on the streets..

luckily, the dent was little, and traffik had eased..

 i needed to leave, and i needed to piss..

 then the driver mumbled, oga make we go’quick

so in to the car i hopped, the cops werent here to watch me flee.

The thought of jaiL made me freT..

  I’d heard different things that happened in there..

some bad guy could want me as his partner in bed..


the thought made me sick, and filled with dread..

so I got in my house,went straight to my fridge-no food, just bread..


Not again! I thought to my self, is it because I’m not wed?

  I’ve been eating crap on a daily, now I’ve got sores like I’m under-fed..

So I think to myself, indomie(pasta) it is,but I gotta undress first.. 

as I enter my room, there’s a lady right there on my beD.

she’s wearing a short gown,oh no,its just my teeshirt,  

she’s well rounded-definitly well-fed;) .. 

 This is a pleasant surprise tope- I said..

suddenly hunger wasn’t in my head..

 this was more than any meal I’d have prepared:p ..

 Imagebelieve it or not, I still had to pee, I don’t know how I fared..

this was a great day, why would anyone wannabe dead 

-i’d mark this in my diary, 5th november,2012, my piss filled sexy day,that sure went weird..



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3 Responses to this traffic

  1. Sade says:

    This should be published in the papers….. Absolute reality and most disturbing!

  2. jude says:

    LMAO ….I don’t know if this is true but you just confessed to a crime of assault LOL!

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