this LaND


The land is filled with deatH

Believe it or not, this is not the first..

The bomb blasts,and terrorist threats..

The corruption and stencH..


This is not the first..

The earth is filled with thirST

For vengeance, for justice, for redreSS

A land that is supposed to be so blessed.


The policE won’t do their best,

The people take laws into their hands, like tis the wild wild west..

Committing murder, homicide, like beasts, like vampires with blood-thirst..


But this eviL isn’t a guest

No its not, its being on us like a crest

Daily our people steaL from the country’s treasure chest

Depriving the citizenry of her wealth.


Malaria is still a threat

Same with polio and hiV, this is a mess,

Treatment is dear,people move with stealth,

Because the drugs cost an arm and a breast



its an omen,the land is cursed,

Yet a breath of life must be infused

Our issues must not be excused..

The corrupt thieves must be exposed

The aLu murder must be avenged.


For the curse must be exorcised

Our demons must be commonised

Our leaders must empathize

Our people must not “de-humanise”


We must arise from this shame

Never again should we reduce ourselves to this animalistic plane

We are africans,not animals, and definitely not insane

These killings are incessant,we must work and we must pray


Nigeria will stand,our tears will drY

We will mourn our dead, we will solve the crime

May these deaths, open for us ,our paths to a New life, a new time.



About slickjay

a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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