Why must there be strife

Why must a man sleep with another’s wife..

Why should anyone kill another with a gun or knife..

Is this the way of the world is this life?

Why must there be pain…

Why must there be shame..

Why must people get high on booze and cocaine..

Why do people go insane

Is it all a game?

Why must we fight for gods’ sake,

Why must a governor steal money from the state

Why do people have so much hate

Why is everyone in a rush, no one wants to wait..

As humans is this all there is, is this our fate?


Perhaps …

Perhaps this how God designed it all,

So we can rise and we can fall,

So we learn to run but first to crawl,

To appreciate the good there must be bad..

Sickness helps to appreciate good health,

Darkness helps us us appreciate light

Life is fickle

People are simple


Everything is an opportunity,

Relationships break,

People die,

Planes crash,

Babies are born

As we read along, somewhere in some dump, 2 people are making love

My point- life goes on

Do your bit,

Have a feast,

Make a bucket list,

Die in peace




Pent up emotions

Here I am, feeling all locked up, tied down, shackled.

I aint in jail, no shackles, no chains, no locks, its in my mind..

The sooner i realised I’m imagining it, the better.

Here must be were all them crazy and psychotic freaks be very often..

No wonder! Finally I can identify, I can see how they can do it..

How they can dress up in dynamites, and smile into yonder,

How someone can bear a child for 9months, deliver it and throw it down some drain..

How some guy can rape his daughter, and ask her to have his baby.

How they can burn a guy to death for stealing a phone.

It’s a bad place to be..

I got to break free, break loose, and get out of this joint, because soon, I may find myself even agreeing with their motives.


Therapy sessions

That’s what I need; Therapy. A place of expression, a place to vent.

We’ve all got crazy deep down..

What keeps us in check? Keeps us within rational boundaries? What stalls that sudden urge to bash your car into that bike rider..

Conscience, common sense these work, but from whence have they come?

Me thinks reflections drawn from meditation, deep reflection, books, religion, family and friends are the factors that combine to create what becomes our conscience, our common sense.

In effect, one then must be careful what we listen to, who we talk with, who we pray to as well.

We all need therapy, we need to discuss issues, come to intelligent conclusions, create scenarios, simulate experiences, and simulate response as well, so that it comes naturally and easier when a real need arises


Solution vs. civilization

Jungle justice is speedy, its handy, its vengeful, and brings some sadistic sense of justice and fairness, However, as most things associated with the jungle, it has no restrictions, no laws guide jungle justice , there’s no point when its gone “too far” someone steals an orange, and his hand is cut off, someone steals a phone, his head is cut off, someone rapes a lady, and he’s burnt to ash.

Reminds one of them really old times; stone age, ape-men times, when crudeness in itself was the law.

With civilisation however, the law can be an ass, delaying justice absolving culprits of crime, condemning innocents, after inexplicably long watery police work, forced confessions, poor representation, sometimes speedy judgements, other times, years in jail awaiting trial..That said and done, civil is the way to go, our fight for society must also include law enforcement, cleansing our police, aggressively reducing the red-tapism and bureaucracy , building bigger more habitable correctional facilities..Fitting the crime to the punishment; community service as a means of reducing jail terms for the qualified offenders.

Failure to do this, seems to cause a feeling of disenchantment and bitterness by the citizenry at large including victims of deviants.

A situation where a man has been robbed before, and the thieves were not caught, when he has the opportunity to catch some other thief himself, he could go all “jungle” believing the police are an ineffective bunch.

In conclusion

Peace and love, justice and equity for all










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