The goaL

Just listened to the levis advert..Witty, different, yet typical of spoken word..

I’m inspired, words could be used like swords..

Forget that they could be flawed.

The leather ball rolls on the green man made pitch,

As it goes across to the leather boots of some footballer- skilled in his art, he does a little juggling, and then lifts the ball with both feet bent and manoeuvred in a fashion as to have the ball move over his head and fall right in front of him as he runs ahead…such skill ,such flourish

And then he passes the ball to another in leather boots , as the ball rolls towards him, the grass’ bow and rise as is their synthetic nature, their patterns zigzag, and straight, allowing the ball just glide, yet there’s a grip. It must be the pattern of the grass, causing some friction between itself and the leather ball, keeping the ball in proper play.

And then the ball is passed to the player near the post, it’s an excellent pass, it goes between the feet of the balding defensive midfielder, does likewise to the 2 seemingly alert defenders, it then gets to the feet of the striker, who couldn’t believe his luck as he steadied himself for a thunderous strike from the edge of the 18yard box, the last defender, slides in with both studs up clearing the ball, and both shins of the recently delighted striker..Felling him to the ground.. Was that a cracking sound? Was that the sound of bone breaking? Perhaps…

And then a free kick was awarded, a red card given, a striker taken to the sidelines on a stretcher, and the customary free kick taker steps up to do his thing, as he places the ball on the grass, and the referee assesses the distance from the defence wall, The coach prays his striker is okay..Then the whistle blows, the free kick is taken, the midfielder, hits the ball with his left leg, at the right spot, just below the midpoint, spinning it, as the ball lifts up, so does some grass and moves at just the right trajectory, with the right momentum, circumferentially, yet with projectile movement at the same time. It bends past the wall, beating 4defenders who made up the wall, beating 4players presently defending, and beating the formidable keeper, who had been at his best all night..the ball was lodged at the back of the net, dropping, spinning , to an inexplicable destination, as the keeper dived in the right direction, stretched to his fullest, his fingers fully pointlessly extended ,As yet, the ball was home and dry..A perfect free- kick.

It was the 96th minute, time had been given for the delays, the goal was timely, the referee blew on his whistle, it had been an action packed game, the players were sweating profusely, the coaches shook hands, and the ball, looked as it was, before it all started, clean, round, and tough.. today, 6 of them had been used.



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