I’ve been reading about hedonism, that’s an amazing concept..Marxism, communism, are theories that are fascinating, funny enough, they aren’t exactly abstract.

the love of pleasure, and living life in its pursuit is as far as I’m concerned okay, albeit idealistic..

But who wants to live all through life being realistic???

it may seem like living for the flesh, i don’t disagree, yet, i see none on earth who hates pleasure,

Me for one, I love life, and the unknown possibilities therein, i keep thinking up new ways to occupy my leisure…

Discipline is important, if anyone is to attain any fulfillment,

however too much of it , as of anything, may lead to being ostracized, depressed, and early interment..

Too much pleasure however, Is the way to, I’ve not seen anyone die from being overjoyed all the time, and if there’s such a person, then its fine

However it should be enjoyed, at none others expense, on that, I definitely draw a line.

My happiness shouldn’t necessarily cause another man’s sadness,

However, if someone decides to be sad because I made me happy, i can’t help their circumstance or my gladness.

don’t blame me, I’m too busy adding new ways to enjoy this vanity called life..

Still learning to appreciate the innovation called Skype.

Trying to understand the people who are dykes..

I’m not judgmental, just eternally curious..

Sometimes i get furious…

Then I get over it, when things get too serious.

 I started trying to understand things and how they work..

 I read a bit of this and that, I mean, in some countries, men wear FROCks!!!!

So I stumbled on Marxism, forget the Germans who thought it up..

It’s a great theory, you may wonder “why did it flop”?

Well, from my limited perspective, i can see why..

No single social system can tell poverty good bye..

All monies cannot be made and shared equally by the entire state..

Efforts put into different areas will differ, just as our ages and our weights..

Some will be more skilled at sales, others at mining, some at farming, others will be n’er do wells..

Some regions would have an abundance of resources, some won’t even find water in their wells..

Individuals will strive for excellence only when there’s competition..

And when they know there’s a prize for all their perspiration..

People want to be recognized for their skill, efforts and uniqueness..

The fairy tale line of from “rags to riches”. has it flavor and sweetness

In a situation where all resources are to be distributed evenly,

In a bid to eradicate the line between the rich and the poor..

What happens to the lazy ones, and the ones with the skill that brings the country gain?

The proletariat, should work hard to also become business and work owners, break them chains..

I understand capitalism is greedy..

But I’d rather be greedy than be needy..

I think a mix of economic systems would be ideal..

See what Obama came up with, I mean the health care bill..

The US is the big brother of capitalism, yet, in a bid to carry along the lower “earners’,

The government has involved itself, in private business, and in this case the heath “carers”

Now everyone will have access to health, at relatively affordable rates..

Yet, SME’s keep sprouting, and doctors keep queuing to get into through the US gates..

China is a great communist state, but westernization is taking a peep..

Soon, these hardworking innovative folk, will take that leap..

They want to take charge of their lives, they love capitalism, its allure draws them..

I feel their system is great, a little mix would be make them perfect, i just wonder when…

It’s impressive the human mind,

How we keep thinking stuff, to help the whole of mankind..

How can you not love life.

How can you not love people, or embrace strife..

I can’t imagine me tying bombs to my torso, to help in the furtherance of some belief..

Or beliefs originated by some guy, who probably smoked on some oriental hashish..

And claim he knows something we don’t..

Peace and love, life to all…..



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  1. MDGs in Africa says:

    This is witty! Interesting piece.

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