ladies with beauty


its the duty of every lady with some beauty

to avoid dark places n any dude in a hoodie..

with or wihout a goatee..

because things can go wrong in a jiffy..

and all we’ll say will be “oh..what a pity.

.so lets be wise and stop being petty..

dont haggle with a cabbie

in a dark nook or cranny..

and dont walk down a dark alley..

shaking your fanny..

move with company,

preferably not at night and wearing nothing skimpy..

dont go to a club with your friends, and be feeling all sexy,

getting tipsy, and acting all freaky..

things happen, like i said, in a jiffy,

and you’ll just end up looking silly,,,

if all they do is get a piece of that b#$%ty,

thats scary,

but when they take u apart piece-meal for money n rituals-well..thats just plain creepy..

a word is enough for the brainy


About slickjay

a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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