Fire and the Rain



Fire in the rain.. i cant stay in my lane.

the truths been slain..

or are these just visions in my brain??

i dont know how people can refrain.. me i can’t contain.. everyones got some stain.. even d simple ones aint plain..

i’ve just watched a man duped for some gain.. By someone i thought was a saint.. afer the deed had been done, we looked @ each otheR, and there was shame..

I asked her, why this gaMe? she replied, most of my business i go by air planes.. The cost of economy, and business class aint thesame.. someones gotta pay..

she winked @ me, and i smiled back in disdaiN.. God please, kill this fire..and leave d RaiN.


About slickjay

a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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