i’m in that place. where i’m losing my inner peace..

all around are thesame old things..

for me i wonder why i love these sins..

Sex is mans favourite pastime..

its what i think about sometimes when its past nine..

when its been a while, i feel like the world stopped being mine..

when i’m horny, nothing else just counts..

in my mind, in my thoughts, pressure just mounts..

for me just after i meet a lady,

and i’ve won her with my charm,

the next  thing is to to take her somewhere for a shag..

i like to shag sometimes hard, sometimes tender, i dont mind a gag..

but somewhere deep down, i worry about disease, about morals and where God will stand..

This fight with lust, is not meant to be won..

i dont see how even marriage can take away this thorn..

since over the years, one has never really done..

How then will marriage to one be my utmost cure..

i know the story about discipline..

it has affected every sphere from work to feeding, even sexing..

i’m not saying premarital or extramarital sex is good..

i just feel its unfair that its a sin, even when we’re adults and we’re in the mood.

argh..what i’d do for some nice sweet cunt!!!

buried in a valley, covered with some hair, and juice in the honey-pot..

seeing the buttocks jiggle..

makes my head swivel..

but then again, my thoughts make me dizzy..

her dance makes me tingle..

aah!! watch her giggle..

i’m high as a kite, my dick is rockhard

my mind can only grasp one fact..

i wanna fuck pussy so hard..

while i’m at it, i wanna squeeze those nice fair breasts..

i want to watch those lips moan..ask me to not to stop, No, not yet..

ahh the feeling of some moist in that tight pussy..

as i slide my dick in, her hands saying stop , yet moaning ever so gently..

i’m getting all wussy, all i wanna do is keep feeling the wetness..a

and then the wetness gets wetter, and as i thrust, back and forth..in and out of my wet hostess..

she’s clawing my back, grabbing my butts,and i’m squeezing her breasts..sucking on her lips, kissing her neck, asking her, do you like it?? in my mind, all i’m thinking is i dont want this to end..

this time i’m lucky, she’s holding on firm, tight, jerking in short spasms..could she be coming..meen we’re such a blend..

this is great, now, i reduce my thrusts..a little slower, teasing…her face goes all babyish.. pleeaaassssseee she says.. then i thrust in- this time hard, and hit her fast, then faster, and then slower and then suddenly she’s biting me..

The adrenaline is high, i dont fucking feel the bite, i havent come and she’s smiling with glee..

and so i turn her over..you’ve had your fun” i whisper huskily, now let me..seein her cute soft buts jiggling slowly, turns me on even more..

i slide my sticky dick swiftly but delibrately, since i dont want her to dry up or get sore

and now this time i’m moaning, and i go slowly at first.. then i start hitting widely, ha yeah yeah! screams of passion..then as i feel by semen trickling down my penile shaft, i grab her waist, pull it closer to my self..sweet release…peace at my very core

For fucksake..why cant i have this beautiful feeling everyday, with a different girl, from a different tribe, or race..

nothing like a good lay..Nothing


About slickjay

a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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2 Responses to fucksakess

  1. Simeon says:

    Hmmmmm, make u begin write sex stories

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