Now for me, is the time to write,


It has to be now, not when my teeth are gone or my hair is white,


Not when me and my health are in constant fight..


Not when my eyes are failing and i barely see light..


It has to be now, when i’ve still got spunk, wit and i can fly a kite..


It has to be now when i can see the worlds plight..


And cry , and laugh because i think i  know what is right..


It has to be now, when i can travel the world, and feel the sun burn, the cold bite..


Now that i know fear, and i can write about my fright.


i can talk about the pub, about the cars, about food, about love, and pints..


a pint of blood, a pint of beer, the joy of giving, the misery of hating, all  in one night..


no school, no job better try to hinder this right..


the duty is for me, to share with all my ink and all my might..


there’s no time to sit and backbite..


or wonder to yourself “ why is his rhyme so tyte”


there’s really no need for spite..


and in the words of the sage, ”why can’t we all just get along”i hope the quote is right.


Don’t just get along, look for your own fight..


There’s no time to waste in mediocrity, get you some insight..


We all have fire, what we must do is ignite..


Do it now, for yourself, for your kind.


About slickjay

a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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