should you ask people to respect you?

they should know everyone likes their space, i do, you do, they do too..

its a shame, when people take you for granted  or think of you as a fool..

i understand why some people resort to courts and then sue..

you give them a handshake, they wanna take your whole arm and then even a shoe..

no wonder some people are uptight,and go about seeming mean, and cruel..

imagine you being 30minutes on some queue..

and a lady comes looking in a hurry, and somehow gets in front of you

would it come as a surprise, if the next thing anyone heard was BOOM!

the sound of a handheld revolver,spilling its guts into her head,warning others to take a cue..

or you offered someone someone help over some iss-ue

after helping them through

they express gratitude, and politely ask if their family and friends can benefit too..

you think to yourself, you must be kidding me fool..

do you tell them “why not” or tell them straight ,”dont be silly boo”

someone takes your car for a spin, and says “it drives soo smooth”

then calls you,later, its my sisters graduation soon…..

can i borrow your car , its such a great cruise…

one has to be firm and yet be cool

we must have boundaries and princip-les

flexibility is allowed, but only within reason and rules..

these must be our tools..

or else, life would always be a jun-gle,

and our superiority  over animals would be a  mirage, illusionary pools..


About slickjay

a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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