COLd and RaIN

This cool weather makes me shiver…i can’t take a cold shower, fortunately, there’s hot water..i’ll have tea or coffee, with or without sugar…No matter how cold it gets though, I won’t fret, it’s better than a heat stroke or fever..I’ll wrap myself in warm clothing, or turn on the heater.Now that’s a joke, we don’t have heaters in Nigeria, because most of the year is hot, some months hotter than the of course no fans, or acs for me, even if there is power.. It’s been raining, power is erratic in this weather..There’s the joke about couples making more babies during this period, perhaps they get closer.since they’re stuck indoors with each other, and it’s easier to make love than to keep fighting your partner, particularly when all she’s wearing is a sweater… it’s not all romance though, as, if the rains persist, then we’ll have a problem with the gutters, they’ll get filled, and spill over..Floods will result, and cold will be the least thing on our minds, the problem will be water.Cars will stop, houses will fall, parasites will breed, and properties will be lost, yes, a natural disaster


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