• NiGeria i hail thee..what I truly pray, is dat, a proper rennaisance occurs-a time of awakening..forceful removal and subsequent replacement of the greedy leaders..a time when our citizens come from far and wide to  develop their china like leave the westerners with their west,and their eviL antiques through supposed aids.imF,sWf,worldbank.I luk 4ward to a time when a nigerian will not b proud to run for mayor in the uK.will not seek 4 american visa loTtery..a time wen we will take control of our own resources for our own benefit. A time when we realise d power in our numbers and unity..a time wen collecting a bribe to sabotage ur fello country men is abhored..a truly independent from colonialisM.perhaps then we’ll understand Y we should have light, y there should be jobs, y people should be accountable..why our roads should be good, why the railways must work, why our schools must b properly handled, why our education must counT..not only y, but how it can b  Done..enough of money politicians, enough of professional theoreticians,who lack empathy..we want true NigeRians, in this Nigeria of mY dreaM

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a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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