Now I’m in d mood to write..

its sure been a while..

and that’s really not my style..

I try to write, and file

all my thoughts, all of the time.

but alas, now I’ve let them all pile..

today, its about the lekki aisle,

yesterday, it was about d fuel price,

and lasu school fees hike..

still there’s no lite,

the economy still bites. .

fashola they say has caused a fright,

allowing our “incorriptible cops” strike and harass innocent citizens, fighting for their rights.

My people, there may be strife,

because this is crime,

I only praY God is nice, and eventually hears our cries..

as we lift our hearts to d skies….mY Musings


About slickjay

a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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