baad day gone bad



The plumbing is bad…water trickling- no, pouring in the bathroom,the darn power supply is out..the cool, still ,remnant of the cooled air
from the airconditioner persists..the sound of houseflies buzzing zzzzzzzz in his ears. the otherwise silent room, a true reflection of the melancholic mood he’s in.
Really all he can think about, is his ex girlfriend;
his first love.,the one he gave his heart to, their favourite song, playing in his mind, if she were here, they’d probably be bored together.They used to do everything,get high, smoke pot,jog,cook, read,and get bored together.They had this bond..or so he thought .Phil was having a bad day.
Bang bang bang!! on his door. Someones knocking, barging into his sad thoughts, phil !! screams his stepmom,you can’t possibly be asleep -lots of chores to do ,errands to run , the plumber, should be here.You’re not bringing any income, so u’d better make yourself useful.
She mutters loudly under her breath, useless no-gooder!
phil gets up, pulls on his track pants, sneakers and a pullover,looks at his face in the mirror,”i used to be goodlooking he says”..gotta get toothpaste, and get this old witch outta my hair.
he jogs into the street, as he gets near the supermarket,a couple walk past him in a hurry, the lady looking tarty in short tight miniskirt and boots, striking because, the dressing is out of place, considering all the heat in lagos. the mini skirt is ok, but leather and boots?? no way! she caught his attention..he was so lost staring that he didnt notice the dude coming behind, the rough looking tatooed guy just looked phil over, pushed him aside, pushing skinny phil on the pavement,snarling, buzz off fuck!!
Phil gets up from the pavement,brushes the dust off his clothes, wondering how much worse today could get, goes around the corner, into the supermarket..he looks for his favorite eucallyptus flavoured paste, finds it, takes it to the salesperson to pay, he has to join a queue, suddenly he notices a bag he’s seen before..danglin across someones familiar shoulder,its lizzy, his ex..
Just at that same time, as if by telepathy,she looked back, and their eyes met…phils heart beating so hard, he was sure everyone else could hear the sound. lizzy on the other hand, recovered quicker,walked up to phil,and said a big,loud hello, full of smiles what are you doing here? he scoffs, i live around the corner remember??? we only split 3months and you cant even remember where i live?? anyways i gotta go now says phil,he leaves in a hurry, stopped at the exit by the doorman, who retrieves the unpaid -for items from him.
Today is really going bad , he thinks to truth everything had been going bad for months,his mum moved in with her lover,his dad was a chronic alcohilic-got worse after he was laid off from work, his step mother despised him,positively loathed the floor on which he walked.
phil himself dropped out of school for no particular reason..he starts walking fast, pulls his collar up, as if to say “now i’m invisible”, then he starts jogging, then breaks into a run, as he maneuuvers around the bend to his house, a truck, filled with with refuse- the state refuse disposal truck, speeding and blaring her horn, was also negotiating the bend.
they ran into each other..truck and phil. phil died instantly, ribs shattered, skull smashed in, buried in dirt and garbage from the now parked truck…


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a writer of sorts, a poet and some...
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